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EERA Bioenergy Workshops

27 October 2017

EERA-Bioenergy Workshop on Proposals Generation within Bioenergy H2020 2018-2020

Date: 27 October 2017
Location: Nice, France

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27-28 April 2017

DEMA-EERA BIOENERGY Joint Exploitation Workshop

Date: 27,28 April 2017
Location: Nice, France
Organising Committee: LNEG
EERA Bioenergy Organiser: Francisco Girio
Contact: francisco.girio@lneg.pt

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13 September 2016

Workshop on Algae for Bioenergy and Bioproducts

Date: 13 September 2016
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Organising Committee: EERA Bioenergy Management Board

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10 March 2016

SP2 Workshop on Evaluating Current and Novel Pretreatment Biomass Technologies

Date: 10 March 2016
Location: Madrid, Spain
Organising Committee: CIEMAT, CENER, ENEA, LNEG.

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EERA Bioenergy Activities

29 May 2019

Paving the way towards clean energy and fuels in Europe

Location: Lisbon, Portugal
Organising Committee: DG for Research and Innovation of the European Commission
EERA Bioenergy Representant: Andrea Monti, UNIBO
Contact: a.monti@unibo.it

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11 October 2018

Biofuel innovation and technology progress

Date: 11 October 2018
Location: Oslo, Norway
Organising Committee: BIO4FUELS
EERA Bioenergy Representant: Jaap Kiel, TNO
Contact: jaap.kiel@tno.nl

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16 - 19 September 2018

2nd International Conference on Bioresource Technology for Bioenergy, Bioproducts & Environmental Sustainability

Date: 16 - 19 September 2018
Location: Sitges, Spain
Organising Committee: Nuclear Materials EERA Joint Programme (JPNM)
EERA Bioenergy Representant: Juan Carrasco, CIEMAT
Contact: juan.carrasco@ciemat.es

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19 April 2018

EERA workshop on scientific advice to policy for the future of energy research: a systemic approach for SET-Plan implementation & towards FP9

Location: Brussels, Belgium
Organising Committee: EERA
Contact: secretariat@eera-set.eu

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27 September 2017

Bioenergy and Biorefining in a Circular (Bio)Economy

Date: 27 September 2017
Location: Brussels, Belgium
Organising Committee: IEA Bioenergy
EERA Bioenergy Representant: Juan Carrasco, CIEMAT
Contact: juan.carrasco@ciemat.es

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27-28 March 2017

4th UNI-SET Energy Clustering Event

Date: 27,28 March 2017
Location: London, UK
Organising Committee:European University Association (EUA)
EERA Bioenergy Representant: Berta Matas
Contact: Berta.guell@sintef.no

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27 February – 01 March 2019

World Sustainable Energy Days

Date: 27 February – 01 March 2019
Location: Wels, Austria

10-11 April 2019

European Algae Industry Summit 2019

Date: 10-11 April 2019
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

16-18 April 2019

Energy Efficiency & Renewables, Save the Planet

Date: 16-18 April 2019
Location: Sofia, Bulgary

3-4 May 2019

1st International Biogas Conference

Date: 3-4 May 2019
Location: Athens, Greece

20-21 May 2019


Date: 20-21 May 2019
Location: Malmö, Sweden

22-23 May 2019

Biomass PowerON 2019

Date: 22-23 May 2019
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

27-30 May 2019

EUBCE – European Biomass Conference

Date: 27-30 May 2019
Location: Lisbon, Portugal

5-6 June 2019

Oleofuels 2019

Date: 5-6 June 2019
Location: Venice, Italy

10-11 July 2019

Biomass to Power North America

Date: 10-11 July 2019
Location: Charlotte, NC